About Data.Multiplyd

Data is the primary foundation for all emerging ideas in Healthcare IT. The Data.Multiplyd section is a repository of notable data sources that are available currently. Most of these are open, public datasets that have resulted from years of federal investments.

In January 2009, the US government issued the Open Government directive which instructs executive departments and agencies to take specific actions to implement the principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration. For HHS that has translated into the Community Health Data Initiative (CHDI).

For now this section is a shallow running list of what all is out there. Trailing behind is in-depth analysis (mostly as embedded mindmaps) of each data set- what elements, how useful, how recent etc. To browse, scroll down for the recent posts or choose the data source or keyword on right to filter.

If you have feedback about a specific data set, leave a comment in that post. If you’d like to contribute to this research, reach out.

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